Scriptank’s “Limited” Collect of 112

“VIP Lifetime Membership Passes”

has 3 unique uNFT Benefits!


This uNFT is just too COO!

This means that you have a very Cool NFT that you can just sit and enjoy and impress your friends with at parties.


Your "VIP Lifetime Membership" Pass

  1. A Scriptank “VIP Lifetime Member”.
  2. Two VIP ID Passes for you & a “guest”!
  3. Act in any of our movies! *
  4. Get Movie credits! *
  5. Attend any “Wrap Party”! *
  6. Attend any “Movie Premiere”! *
  7. Attend our “Awards Show”! *
  8.  Read unlimited movie scripts!
  9. Vote on scripts to be made into movies!
  10. Vote for actor to be in Scripts!
  11. Vote for soundtrack music!
  12. Vote for the movie Director!
  13. Stream unlimited movies!
  * (Pass owners must notify Scriptank when interested in attending any above movie or event in advance due to limited space and time. Pass owners are  solely responsible for their own and their guest’s transportation, lodging, and other expenses.)

**Scriptank’s new mobile app is expected to be launched and running by March/April 2022.


Exchange Value for Equity!

“Equity Exchange Value” means that you can Trade or Exchange your NFT and its value for Stock Equity in Scriptank, Inc, if and when we go ICO or IPO.  

Specific achievements have to be met by buyers for certain criteria to “kick in”.  For example;

1. Every time a new consecutive uNFT is purchased in order, all the previous uNFT’s increase their “Equity Exchange Value” to that most recent uNFT purchased.  That means that when the 112th uNFT is purchased for $500,000, all previous uNFT’s will have all automatically increased in E.E.V. to that same $500,000 uNFT value.

2. When 30 uNFT’s are purchased then everyone gets a Cool Scriptank “VIP” jacket.

3. When 40 uNFT’s are purchased then everyone gets a Physical “VIP” Pass

4. NFT’s 92 through to 112 will receive a 20% discount off their EEV if and when they decide to take advantage of it if and when Scriptank, Inc goes ICO or IPO.

NOTE: Owners of these uNFT’s may take advantage of the E.E.V. offer, if so desired, but not required and Exchange these uNFT’s at its current “exchange” value for Scriptank, Inc equity with a 20% discount, if and when, Scriptank goes IPO or ICO. Buyers must relinquish their uNFT at time of exchange.

Scriptank "Lifetime VIP Memebrship" Pass uNFT Investment Numbers