Scriptank Ventures

Funding Global Entertainment that “Deposes” the Hollywood “Go Woke, Go Broke” Industry by “Empowering” the consumer voice!

“The Hollywood Industry is going to ‘implode’ in a few years, if some major changes are not made.”

                                              2013 Stevan Spielberg & George Lucas

Scriptank Ventures is a new management group for the Scriptank Venture Funds that is open to Qualified Investors with an initial investment of $5 million dollars and operates under SEC Red D 506(c) rules.

The Scriptank Venture funds are aimed at a variety of incredible investment opportunities including:

1. and its disruptive “Entertainment SaaS” business model and how it’s decentralizing Hollywood and empowering the movie audience to choose what movies get made instead of Hollywood and its developing direction into AI, AR, MR, VR and other new technologies within the entertainment and movie industries,

2. “Scriptank’s” trending movie scripts that are chosen and trending by the movie audience, instead of the Hollywood accountants or producers,  that are packaged with a large audience following,  branding placement,  funding, locations, talent, and of course distribution. Each movie has a reserve percentage set aside for our investment funds guaranteeing a good ROI.

3. “Scriptank Premieres” a new entertainment event that a major casino management company in Las Vegas has offered space to create our daily glitz and glamor movie premieres and VIP after parties that guests mingle with the stars5

Please call with any questions. (725) 218-9863