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The Execution Club or T.E.C., is a unique Collaborative and disruptive “membership based” CoWorking Space and Startup Incubator. We are targeting to utilize abandoned or challenged multiplex movie theaters across the country whenever possible for our CoWorking Spaces, otherwise we focus on distressed retail space in desired locations.  Our goal is to repurpose underutilized “Screening Rooms” into design and development spaces to create disruptive advancements within the exploding fields of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Holography, and Digital Filmmaking for unlimited industries that include Automotive, Blockchain, Entertainment, Gaming, Government, Health, Household App Tech, Mobile Apps, Remote Teaching, Tech Training, and more. 

Our Startup Incubator will monitor developing ideas and support these individuals and groups with Business and Brand Building Solutions, Equity Funding Opportunities, “Industry Leader” Partner Pitch Opportunities, Mentoring, Networking, Team Building, and more.

T.E.C. will also be a perfect facility for any tech manufacturer seeking an “Alpha” testing stage for new equipment, software, and tools within, but not limited to, the above fields of interest.

Each 6,000 to 12,000 square foot plus, space is designed to include current state-of-the-art equipment, software, and tools required to design and develop disruptive ideas within these fields. In addition, our “Covid safe” spaces will include, but not be limited to, general open working spaces, Private “Green Screen” and “Reality” rooms,  Private Office Spaces, high speed Internet connections, and Micro Data Center Cabinet installations within each facility. Each facility or “hub” will be linked together in an ever growing redundant Network of “Closed” and “Open” connectivity for higher security.

This will enable us to upscale or downscale in size swiftly within each community depending on its need.

Our initial “rollout” will be in the states of California, Nevada, and Texas.


General Public Open Space

Members Design Spaces

Private Office Spaces

"Reality" Rooms

Mini Movie Studios

Software & Tools

Micro Data Centers

Secure High Speed Network & Low Latency


Open Remote Working

Advances in AR, MR, VR



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Mobile Devices


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Startup Equity

And More