Where “real” women and men compete in the most deadliest sport in the world!

Scriptank, Inc is now the Executive Producer of “The Bull Riders” movie, a very current and important movie for women in sports.  In fact, bull riding is considered the most dangerous sport in the world and REAL women compete equally against men “head to head” in the most Extreme of Extreme sports.

This movie is being written by women, directed by women with REAL women performing Bull Riding.

The budget is $30,000,000.It is a Brands ‘Wonderland’ of Opportunity.  But, it seems that rodeos and bull riding, among other exciting American Sports have been traditionally a Budweiser Beer Fest…up until now.  After many attempts to reinforce tradition by contacting Budweiser through numerous methods, they have not responded.  We are now opening up the potentially exclusive beer brand placement offer to a select few brands.

Brand Placement Scenes include bull riding pens and arenas, bars, hospital rooms, hotel/motel rooms, vehicles, and more.

Brand Placement Types in include Background and Foreground, Banners, Usage, Spoken, Character, Film Credits.

Brand Placement Categories are wide open, but include apparel, badges, banners, beverages (both alcoholic & nonalcohol), decals, signage, cell phones, chewing tobacco, fast foods, laptops, snack foods, vaps, vehicles, and much more.