The Metaverse Investment Fund

Available to Accredited and Sophisticated Investors Only

Our target number of investors is 100.

Our minimum investment requirement is $500,000.

The Metaverse Investment Fund is ear-marked to invest in Omni Environments, including  its “Haven” hubs real estate ventures, equipment, Micro Data Centers  that include some abandoned movie theatres), promising tech and Blockchain start-up businesses and  

Omni Environments is a “Haven” Space and Micro Data Center for designers and developers in AI, AR, MR, VR, and Holography who create disruption and decentralization within  the entertainment and technology industries.  These industries include Automotive, the Blockchain, Consumer, Education, Entertainment, Gaming, Government, Health, Home, Hospitality, Military, NFT, Training, and Tourism to name a few.

Omni Environments is focused on creating independent “Hub” Micro Data Centers located in strategic cities throughout the United States and selected other countries that will be Networked together creating a larger Data Center system.  These cities include, but are not limited to, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit/Ann Arbor, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

In addition, Our Fund invests in Scriptank and its projects as well.  Scriptank is the Anchor Tenant to Omni Environments. It’s a new mobile app that is designed to disrupt and decentralize Hollywood by “empowering” the movie-audience to choose the scripts to be made into movies instead of the Hollywood Bean-Counters and Studio Producers. Scriptank also facilitates funding, production, and distribution for all trending script through its platform.

Scriptank is also creating a new Las Vegas Entertainment Event of daily old style glitz and glamour movie premieres and VIP After Parties once it ramps up with movie releases?

We are Investment Managers

The Metaverse Investment Fund is operated by Investment Managers. Thus, our fees are based on our performance. No advanced operating fees are charged to the Investment Fund until a profitable ROI is met.


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