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Hollywood receives more than 50,000 movie scripts every year, yet they produce less than 1%.

Netflix produces less than 4%.

Scriptank allows this pool of scripts to be uploaded for free, unlike any other platform!

Scriptank is designed to disrupt and decentralize Hollywood and through our proprietary process will produce more movies than both Hollywood and Netflix combined, by “empowering” the movie-audience to read and vote on the scripts they want made into movies instead of the Hollywood accountants or producers.

Scriptank then facilitates these chosen scripts through funding, production, and distribution. 

We act as Execution Producers for every  production and “crowdsource” them out to “vetted filmmakers” across the country.  These are filmmakers who have joined to become part of our Pro Level Membership Team and have shown us their creative and industry expertise and professionalism.

Crowdsouring our movies out in this fashion enables us to create more job opportunities for more people in and out of the Hollywood industry across the country, especially for actors, filmmakers, and writers.

In fact, Scriptank offers many job opportunities within its Pro Level Membership Team such as graphic artists to develop video sleeve artwork for the script cover and future video, producers to create estimated budgets for scripts, and script readers to identify where Product Placement opportunities are within each script. 

Scriptank accepts scripts for feature, episodic, and short film lengths. 

And novels, and comics, or anything that can be adapted into a script.

We also accept projects from the gaming, AI, AR, VR, and XR industries. 


Read Scripts

Imagine the benefits of being able to read unproduced movie scripts before the Producers get access to them.

Search Scripts

Imagine the benefits of being able to do a complete search through thousands of scripts for characters that match your input specifications. 

Attach Video Auditions

Imagine the benefits of being able to attach your Video Audition of an “Audition Slide” for a character in any script that you desire.

Then have the Movie-Audience, your friends, family, and others vote for you.


1. Script searches for script title, genre, character type, and more.

2. Select script from a list and then pick it from to view its Logline, Synopsis, Character Bible, and more.

3. Read the script, the rate and comment on script.

 4. Actor returns to script’s Character Bible and downloads a linked “Audition Side” for  creating a “Self-Tape” for that character.

5. Actor creates an “Self-Tape” for that character and uploads it to that characters profile link in the Character Bible.  (Video are sorted by least viewed to most viewed allowing new listings to be first viewed)

6. The Scriptank Members after reading script can then view all “Self-Tapes” for all actors competing for the various characters and then vote and comment about those “Self-Tapes, then choose who they like.

7. The Director sifts through the top competitive actors “Self-Tapes” that the movie audience has voted on and chooses the actor(s) once a script makes it through the process and is slated for production.

8. Actors are then invited to an in-person audition for the final decision.

9. Actors are not limited to the number of scripts they want to read or the number of characters that they want to be considered for.



Writers for the first time have a platform that you can upload your Comic,  Novel, or Script and have an opportunity to begin making money immediately!

Shared Revenues

Every time someone reads your Content, you make money…regardless of whether they “Like” it…or not.

Option Fees

When you reach a certain “trending” point you’ll receive your Option Fee.

Comic and Novel writers who’s work reach “trending” will have their work Adapted into a script.

% of Net Revenues

All writers whose scripts make it through production and into distribution will receive a percentage of Net Profits.

Scriptank has also been invited by a major Las Vegas Casino Holding Company to create a new entertainment event of 'old style' glitz and glamour movie premieres and with lavish VIP parties, where the guests meet and greet the stars once we start ramping up with our movie releases.