Our Mission

To disrupt the global Movie Industry by bringing it up to the next millennium.  Hollywood has become an archaic bottleneck that receives more than 50,000 movie scripts every year, yet they produce less than 1%.  In fact, Netflix produces less than 4%.   Scriptank has created a mobile app that’s designed to be a win/win for both the Movie Audience and the Movie Industry Professionals. 

It “empowers” the Movie Audience with the ability to read and choose the scripts they want made into movies, instead of the Hollywood Bean-counters and Producers. We then facilitate these chosen scripts through funding, production, and distribution via theatrical, streaming, and soon to the “Blockchain”.

We focus on short, feature, episodic, and new experimental entertainment in Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Holography, NFT’s and undiscovered entertainment.

 We act as Executive Producers and “crowdsource” the productions out to Vetted filmmakers across the country and globe so that more high quality movies get made, more industry professionals get work, and more money is spent in many communities around the world through our productions.

Scriptank is the “ONLY” social/business/entertainment platform that actually has direct job opportunities for its members!

Key Stat's

* Scriptank was given a five billion dollar “prelaunch” valuation from Equidam.com.
* Scriptank is the only Entertainment platform that offers thousands of “Gig & Remote Work” opportunities right on its platform.
* Scriptank’s LinkedIn Connections exploded from less than 1500 to more than 25,000 within less than a months with “Industry Pros” of actors, writers, and others excited for our launch, prior to it being “banned” for unknown “competitive” reasons.
* Caesars Entertainment Holding Corporation in Las Vegas offered Scriptank space to house our new Las Vegas event of daily “Old Style” Glitz & Glamour Movie Premieres and VIP After Parties once we ramp up.                                    – Debbie Munch, VP of Entertainment, CEHC


Read Scripts

Imagine the benefits of being able to read unproduced movie scripts before the Hollywood Beancounters or Producers get access to them.

Search Scripts

Imagine the benefits of being able to do a complete search through thousands of scripts for characters that match your input specifications. 

Attach Video Slates

Imagine the benefits of being able to attach your Video Slate reenactment of a scene in a script for a character that you want to be considered for to any script that you desire. 


Production Partners

Imagine the benefits, if all the members of our “disruptive” platform treats your Brand as a “Team Partner” with getting their movies made and actively patronize your ads,  products, and profile page vs viewing your brand as a bother or an “invasive adversary” as they do on other platforms.

Brands for Barter

Imagine the benefits, if your Brand “Bartered” or exchanged a percentage of your advertising expenses with your products or services instead of 100% “cash out of pocket”.

Products for Points

Imagine the benefits, if millions of consumers were able to get their hands on your products or services for “free” on our platform, at “no loss”  to your Brand, through our unique “Member Incentive Program”.

Film Commissions

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Profession Members

Create an Global Professional Profile page.   Add any benefits and discounts you offer to have movies made in your location.  You can update your profile and news feeds with info targeting specific Industry Professionals on our platform.  Specific Country, State, County, and City Film Commissions can pool their resources together to successfully “win the bid” for films produced.

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Bidding Benefits

We have developed a proprietary “bidding process” for Film Commissions to draw movies to be fully or partially made in their location depending on all the available resources, unless a script has designated specific locations.


All scripts that have been written for a specific location will be guaranteed to be produced within that specific Film Commission’s location and will bypass the “Bidding” process, unless specific required resources are unavailable.

Musicians, Composers

Read Scripts

Imagine the benefits, as a Professional Member, being able to read unproduced movie-scripts even before Producers get access to them.

Search Scripts

Imagine the benefits of being able to search swiftly through our movie-script database for whatever genre that matches musical your style.  

Attach Music Slates

Imagine the benefits of being able to attach your music to a script and fits perfectly.  Then, members listen to, vote on, and also download your music for a fee.


Theatre Members

Theatre chains or Independents theatres who become part of the Scriptank family through its Professional Membership program will be able to take advantage of many benefit including, movie release discounts, assurance protections, and built in Movie-Audience following, among just a few benefits. 

Theatrical Releases

Theatrical release of all our “Trending” Blockbuster movies with a guaranteed “built in” Movie-Audience following, based on our proprietary system.

We are targeting theatrical releases of more than double that of Hollywood’s annual theatrical releases.

Streaming Assurances

Guaranteed revenue sharing of streaming service to help compensate for theatre loses during catastrophes for screens that are showing our movies.


Comics, Novels, Scripts

Imagine a safe and secure platform that allows you to upload your script or other work that can be adapted into a script; such as your comic, graphic novel, or novel for free.


Imagine, instead of  letting the archaic bottleneck of Hollywood, the Beancounters and Producers, read and vote on the scripts to be made into movies, you let the Movie-Audience. You let the people who “really” matter in the end read and vote on your scripts.


Imagine receiving shared revenues every time a Movie-Audience member reads your script. Then, once your script goes into production. Finally, get a “piece of the pie” from distribution.